On Saturday

‘On Saturday’ was The Kathmandu Post weekend special that came out on Saturdays. It carried feature news, reviews, and regular columns, among others.

Not like changing shirts
Review of Pranaya SJB Rana’s collection of short stories, City of Dreams
19 December 2015

The greener grass on the other side
Pushpa is an anomaly, but also a part of an increasing phenomenon, in which urban youths have one eye fixed on the Gulf countries and the other further west, on Europe and North America
31 October 2015

That elusive subsidy
The government has decided to mobilise the CBS to reassess the damages before distributing Rs 200,000 to earthquake-affected families in grants. But this move comes very late in the reconstruction process and will upset the families, who are eager to move out of temporary shelters
10 October 2015

Shelters to houses
With the monsoon over, earthquake survivors are now looking forward to building a permanent structure they can call home. But the government is yet to form the National Reconstruction Authority and help people meet one of their most basic needs
26 September 2015

Clotted brains
At least I am literate enough to read up on thrombosis and warfarin and tell the nurses about it. But what if a problem is compounded by the patients’ poverty and illiteracy
25 July 2015

Parallel circuits
As we rebuild homes, can we dismantle gender norms?
18 July 2015

The price of politicking
Earthquake victims demand decency from their leaders. Politicians should rise above local politics and listen to them
9 May 2015

Hell in the hinterlands
In lack of data on the affected, relief teams struggle to reach those in urgent need. The government must mobilise its resources to collect information
2 May 2015

In search of a lone crusader
Kesang Tseten’s new documentary explores two enigmas—caste and Dor Bahadur Bista
18 April 2015

Mistreated in Malaysia
Migrant workers in Malaysia are routinely harassed by its policemen. But neither the employers nor the state machinery do anything to curb such treatment
28 March 2015

Green battalions
Retired army personnel, many of whom leave for work abroad, could instead be encouraged to work in reforestation projects at home
7 March 2015

The woman who failed retirement
Until 1984, Olga Murray had never heard of Nepal. Now, all her energies are focused on the country
21 February 2015

Deep in the red jungle
Adhikari’s book not only makes for a gripping read, but also provides human faces to the revolution, which have been sorely lacking in other similar accounts of the People’s War
17 January 2015

Citizens sans a state
The controversial provision on citizenship which requires both parents to be Nepalis for the child to be Nepali will make many stateless. But chances of the provision’s being removed are slim
20 December 2014

To catch a mobile thief
The process of tracking down the lost or stolen phones is frustrating, prone to errors and at the mercy of police officers who are willing to keep at it
13 December 2014

Teach the children well
Profile of Guy Ullens, a patron of Ullen’s school
29 November 2014

Miles to go before I sleep
At 10, he carried a backpack to the Everest Base Camp. At 60, he still carries gear to trekking destinations. Nyima Sherpa says he will go on until he physically cannot
18 October 2014

Picking up the pieces
For the children who have survived the recent landslide in Sindhupalchok, getting their lives back on track is going to be hard
16 August 2014

Out of the whirlpool
A cooperative helps sex workers get out of the vortex they find themselves in
28 June 2014

Left behind
Anita will have to drag herself back to the room she shared with Ashman, who was killed in the Everest avalanche, mend her heart and live for their baby girl
26 April 2014

Sex sells
Subash Bhattarai took a chance on a controversial business idea, stuck to his guns and is now reaping the benefits
15 March 2014

Until the dust settles
In 2014, the plans for the Tinkune junction are not all that different: a park with benches and stupas and temples are in the blueprint.
8 February 2014

Paw patrol
The bond between Nepal police and its dogs runs deep
1 February 2014

The myth of masculinity
Review of Kesang Tsetan’s documentary, Men at Work
18 January 2014

the thali, perfected
Thakali khana is the best of what Nepal eats put together on a plate.
11 January 2014

Pedigreedy for puppies
The sale of bhote kukurs
4 January 2014

The song remains the same
Aamali Sodhlin ni Khoi Chhora Bhanlin, a song that first aired more than half a century ago, still resonates with Nepalis who toil and fight abroad, and with the families they leave behind
21 December 2013

When Phatteman sings
For the period of five minutes, Phatteman helps us lose our hard-earned realism, resurrecting the desire to experience that unreal
21 September 2013

Dancing in dissent
CPN-Maoist organises a dance programme against the CA-II elections
31 August 2013

From Mumbai to Magsaysay
A woman sold into prostitution comes back and founds an organisation that fights against human trafficking
3 August 2013

A celebration of resilience
Review of former Kamlari and now CA member Shanta Chaudhary’s autobiography
27 July 2013

The common man’s comedian
Review of Hari Bansha Acharya’s autobiography
8 June 2013

A road that makes a difference
A village’s struggle to get a road built
6 April 2013

Upright and true Gurkha
Today’s applicants may wear shorts instead of loincloths, but their stares are just as blank—yet apprehensive—and reflect the pride, however hurt, of generations of Gurkhas. (A review of Kesang Tseten’s documentary, ‘Who will be a Gurkha?’)
26 March 2013

Tafale mendo
Despite obvious failures in the education system, each student was adding petals, one after another, in her life.
23 March 2015