Himal Southasian

Weena Pun worked as an Assistant Editor at Himal Southasian, a review magazine based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from December 2010 until September 2012 (then in Kathmandu). She continues to contribute to the magazine whenever possible.

Weena’s articles published in Himal.

Lahure laments
What songs say of the migrant culture.
23 May 2015

Far from truth
Labour migration in Nepal has empowered women, but a culture of policing real and imagined sexual transgressions counteracts these advances
December 2015

‘Them greedy victims’
As the memory of the devastation of April-May earthquakes recedes, some have resorted to victim blaming.
28 August 2015

Domestic flights
Risks and opportunities for women migrant labourers from Nepal.
March 2015

Changing literature, changing country
An interview with the noted Nepali literary critic Khagendra Sangroula.
October 2012

Departure lounge
Hanging out in Kathmandu’s international airport with soon-to-be migrants.
October 2011

Swaying with the ainselu
September 2011

Celebrating literature in Nepal
Two literature festivals in Kathmandu over the next month will help to spread the love of literature in Nepal.
August 2011

Wandering souls, wondering families
A mother and daughter seek word from a husband and father, a quarter century after he died.
August 2011